Downloadable graphics, documents, and informational materials to help promote your SALT program, as well as links to reading resources and opportunities for your students.


All Logo files are 1.5″x1.5″ and have transparent backgrounds. Each size corresponds to a raster PNG file resolution: Small (72ppi), Medium (150ppi), Large (300ppi), and Extra Large (600ppi).

  • SMALL / MEDIUM — PNG files sized for web or email use.
  • LARGE / EXTRA LARGE — PNG files sized for print materials.
  • VECTOR — EPS file that is infinitely resizable.

Do not modify these logos or use them in a way that would distort the integrity of the mark. Thank you!


Tshirt Logo files are 11″x11″ and fit comfortably on adult or youth tshirts. Both raster PNG and vector EPS files are available for download. Please consult with your tshirt vendor as to which file they prefer for their printing method (direct-to-garment vs screenprinting). Note that the salt speckles in the logo have a transparency value and should be screened accordingly for the best reproduction. If your vendor requires a specific file format, or has questions, please email


Updated September 9, 2023

Each club may print and present certificates to its students. Certificate templates are available for the area tournament (by division) as well as a generic school-year version. Certificates should be printed on letter-sized white cardstock (8.5″x11″).


Updated October 7, 2023

Poster, Flyer, Bookmark, and Brochure files are available in Email and Print formats. Email formats are simply for sending information to individuals to view. Full bleed print files include crop marks so you can print and trim them to size. Follow these printing specifications for best results:

  • POSTER & FLYER — No Bleed print file can be printed on letter-sized paper (8.5″x11″) as is. The Full Bleed version should be printed on tabloid-sized paper (11″x17″) and trimmed.
  • BOOKMARK — Full Bleed 1up and 3up print files can both be printed on letter-sized paper (8.5″x11″) and trimmed.
  • BROCHURE — Full Bleed print file should be printed on tabloid-sized paper (11″x17″) and trimmed for intended 3.6875″x8.5″ folded size.


  • Scoresheet — Used by moderators to keep the official score (8.5″x11″).
  • Scoreboard — Print at actual size (30″x40″) for optimal viewability by teams and audience during competition.
  • Table Tents — Can be used during competition on the moderator table to denote which team is Team 1 and Team 2. Instructions for folding and trimming are noted in the document (8.5″x11″).