Duman Award Winner: Haddie Jones

Congratulations to our 2024 Duman Award winner, Haddie Jones from Santiam Christian!

One of our SALT tournament traditions is presenting a student with what we call “The Duman Award.” The Duman Award is named after one of our original SALT staff members, who was known for her kindness. Trisha Duman loved being part of SALT, and her passing left us with a forever hole in our hearts. This is an award we give to honor her memory. We ask for the coaches from each school to nominate one student who shines their light brightly for Jesus by always showing kindness, encouragement, and good leadership skills. This year’s Duman Award winner, Haddie Jones, stood out among the nominees. This is what Haddie’s coaches had to say…

“Haddie personifies joy and is frequently among the first to help and mentor other classmates. She does a great job of making everyone feel included. When a classmate was away from school for a prolonged time because of an injury, Haddie found out that the injured student had been reading SALT books in hopes of being on a SALT team. Haddie welcomed her with open arms and encouragement, and even advocated for virtual meetings with the injured student so that she could be part of the team. Haddie has a servant’s heart and loves others with her words and actions.”