AUTHOR: Adriana Brad Schanen

GENRE: Fiction

SUMMARY: When eight-year-old Quinny Bumble and her family move from New York City to “middle of nowhere” Whisper Valley, she hits the town like a tornado, rushing in to find action the second they pull into the driveway. Hopper Grey, Quinny’s shy neighbor, is frequently picked on by his two older brothers and happiest alone in his room building models. As rambunctious, talkative Quinny introduces Hopper to the joys of spraying his older brothers with the hose and trying to save a stray chicken named Freya, he discovers that life beyond his bedroom can be pretty great. When school approaches, Hopper fears Quinny will discover he’s a friendless loser, but it’s Quinny who struggles as third grade begins, while Hopper begins to come into his own.